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Comments on RFC 123

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Network Working Group                             J. Postel
Request for Comments # 127                        20 April 71
NIC #5843                                         UCLA
[Category D.1                                     Computer Science
Updates 123]

                          Comments on RFC 123

The following is my interpretation of the exchange between NCP's which
would be necessary to carry out the Initial Connection Protocol of RFC

     Server NCP                                User NCP
     ----------                                --------

     Listen for Connection on L                RTS, U, L, l
     STR, L, U, 32                                         A

     Send 32 bits of data
     in 1 message on link l
     (value is S)                              Receive 32 bits of data
                                               from link l (value is S)

     CLS, L, U                                 CLS, U, L

     STR, S+1, U, B                            STR, U+1, S, B
                   s                                         u

     RTS, S, U+1, l                            RTS, U, S+1, l
                   B                                         c

     wait for connection                       wait for connection

     ALL, l , m , b                            ALL, l , m , b
           B   B   B                                 c   c   c

     data sent on link l                       data sent on link l
                        c                                         B

     data received on link l                   data received on link l
                            B                                         c

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