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DECnet Phase IV MIB Extensions

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RFC 1559                  DECnet Phase IV MIB              December 1993

   management information (STD 16, RFC 1155), by the Internet, and a
   large number of vendor implementations of these standards in
   commercially available products, it became possible to provide a
   higher level of effective network management in TCP/IP-based
   internets than previously available. With the growth in the use of
   these standards, network managers desired to use this environment as
   a base for providing integrated network management of multi-protocol

   DECnet Phase IV is one widely used protocol which often coexists in
   IP-based internets. This memo provides the mechanisms by which IP-
   based management stations can effectively manage DECnet Phase IV
   based systems (especially router products) in an integrated fashion
   through the use of the standard Internet SMI, MIB and Simple Network
   Management Protocol.

   DECnet Phase IV objects have been defined to be used in conjunction
   with the Internet MIB to allow access and control of these new
   objects by the Internet community. Additional support for other
   DECnet-based protocols such as RBMS (Remote Bridge Management
   Software) or other Digital Equipment Corporation specific hardware
   platforms is not included in this document.

2.  The Network Management Framework

   The Internet-standard Network Management Framework consists of three
   components.  They are:

   o STD 16, RFC 1155 which defines the SMI, the mechanisms used for
     describing and naming objects for the purpose of management.
     STD 16, RFC 1212 defines a more concise description mechanism,
     which is wholly consistent with the SMI.

   o STD 17, RFC 1213 defines MIB-II, the core set of managed objects
     for the Internet suite of protocols.

   o STD 15, RFC 1157 which defines the SNMP, the protocol used for
     network access to managed objects.

   The Framework permits new objects to be defined for the purpose of
   experimentation and evaluation.

2.1  Object Definitions

   Managed objects are accessed via a virtual information store, termed
   the Management Information Base or MIB.  Objects in the MIB are
   defined using the subset of Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
   defined in the SMI.  In particular, each object type is named by an

DECnet Phase IV MIB Working Group

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