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IETF Identification and Security Guidelines

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RFC 2323      IETF Identification and Security Guidelines   1 April 1998

   this author's own experience the average amount of men with long-term
   facial hair is less than 20%.  Long-term versus short-term facial
   hair is a very important distinction as short-term facial hair, also
   known as the temporary illness "goatee universitis" (which symptoms
   range from full goatees to the less popular chin-goatee) is a common
   affliction for university-based males.  Per capita (temporary) facial
   hair can go as high as 40%.  However, among the males of the IETF the
   per capita long-term facial hair is as high as 60% [2].

   Ordinarily, this abundance of long-term FHE would not require that an
   RFC be written.  However, increasingly there have been issues
   regarding mistaken identification.  For security purposes as well as
   ease of identification, this RFC will serve to clarify these issues
   and hopefully provide a solution for them.

4. Mistaken Identification Syndrome (or "Are you --jon. or Scott?")

   I was speaking to a very well-known network researcher, I'll call him
   --jon., who tells me that he is often mistaken for a SOBbing Harvard
   person.  --jon. says, "People tell someone to look for me or him and
   say that I'm about so-tall with a big white beard, and suddenly
   people are coming up to me and saying, 'Hi Scott' and he often tells
   me that he is mistakenly hailed as, '--jon.'.  Often the mistake is
   made solely on the appearance of our facial hair."

   Another story --jon. told me is that once a woman called looking for
   a computer researcher but only having a first name and physical
   description.  The receiptionist asked for the description and the
   woman said she was looking for an older Caucasian man with a beard.
   The receptionist reportedly blurted out, "they all have beards!!!!"

   On a more personal note, two researchers who were both employed at
   USC/ISI shaved their very famous facial hair and were both
   unrecognizable to friends and co-workers alike.  If it weren't for
   B.M.'s Grateful Dead T-shirts and lack of shoes, or R.V.M.'s voice I
   would have never recognized them.

5. Security Considerations

   It is obvious to this researcher that facial hair of any variety is a
   very recognizable characteristic.  Indeed, when giving a description
   of a male who has facial hair, it is always one of the first
   characteristics given.  Ordinarily this would not be a problem, since
   facial hair in the world at large is below 20%.  However, when used
   as a description at IETFs, disaster can insue.

Ramos                        Informational

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