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Ken Harrenstien                                           RFC-812
Vic White                                            1 March 1982
Network Information Center
SRI International


    The NICNAME/WHOIS Server is an NCP/TCP transaction based
   query/response server, running on the SRI-NIC machine, that
   provides netwide directory service to ARPANET users.  It is
   one of a series of ARPANET/Internet name services maintained
   by the Network Information Center (NIC) at SRI International
   on behalf of the Defense Communications Agency (DCA).  The
   server is accessible across the ARPANET from user programs
   running on local hosts, and it delivers the full name, U.S.
   mailing address, telephone number, and network mailbox for
   ARPANET users.

   This server, together with the corresponding Identification
   Data Base provides online directory look-up equivalent to the
   ARPANET Directory.  DCA strongly encourages network hosts to
   provide their users with access to this network service.


   DCA requests that each individual with a directory on an
   ARPANET host, who is capable of passing traffic across the
   ARPANET, be registered in the NIC Identification Data Base.
   To register, send full name, middle initial, U.S. mailing
   address (including mail stop and full explanation of
   abbreviations and acronyms), ZIP code, telephone (including
   Autovon and FTS, if available), and one network mailbox, via
   electronic mail to NIC@SRI-NIC.


   The NICNAME protocol is similar to the NAME/FINGER protocol
   (RFC 742).  To access the server:

   Connect to the service host (SRI-NIC)
      TCP: service port 43 decimal
      NCP: ICP to socket 43 decimal, establishing two 8-bit

   Send a single "command line", ending with .

   Receive information in response to the command line.  The
   server closes its connections as soon as the output is

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