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1. Synchronous Programming Language.

A DSP language. "Introduction to the SPL Compiler", Computalker Consultants, 1986.

2. Space Programming Language.

Realtime language used by the US Air Force for aerospace software.

Aka SPL/J6.

Similar to JOVIAL.

"Space Programming Language Development", SAMSO TP 70-325, System Development Corp (Sep 1970).

(See CLASP).

3. System Programming Language.

HP, 1977.

An ALGOL-like language for the HP3000 computer allowing inline assembly code.

MPE, the OS for the HP3000 was written in SPL. Pub.No.30000-90024, HP.

See also SPLash!.

4. Systems Programming Language.

PRIME Computer, 80's.

A variant of PL/I used on PRIME computers.

PL/I subset G, less I/O plus a few extensions. SPL User's Reference Guide, Prime.

(See PL/P.)

5. Systems Programming Language.

A PL/I subset/extension for the P1000.

D.B. Wortman, U Toronto.

Philips Data Sys, Netherlands, 1971.

Symbolic constants, pointer arithmetic, inline assembly code. Used to implement compilers, operating systems, and database.

["Experiences With SPL", J. Klunder in Machine Oriented Higher Level Languages, W. van der Poel, N-H 1974, pp. 385-393].

[Can 4 and 5 be the same?]

6. Student Programming Language.

A translator-interpreter for a dialect of PL/I.

7. Set Priority Level

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