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  1. [noun] the state of nonexistence
    Synonyms: nothingness, nullity

  2. [noun] an empty area or space; "the huge desert voids"; "the emptiness of outer space"; "without their support he'll be ruling in a vacuum"
    Synonyms: vacancy, emptiness, vacuum

  3. [verb] declare invalid; "The contract was annulled"; "void a plea"
    Synonyms: invalidate, annul, quash, anullify

  4. [verb] clear (a room, house, place) of occupants or empty or clear (a place, receptacle, etc.) of something; "The chemist voided the glass bottle"; "The concert hall was voided of the audience"

  5. [verb] take away the legal force of or render ineffective; "invalidateas a contract"
    Synonyms: invalidate, vitiate

  6. [verb] excrete or discharge from the body
    Synonyms: evacuate, empty

  7. [adjective] lacking any legal or binding force; "null and void"
    Synonyms: null

  8. [adjective] containing nothing; "the earth was without form, and void"


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