Cheats for Final Fantasy 3 (SNES)

Learning spells:
Once the airship is obtained from Setzer,in the World Of Balance, go to a small triangular island and start a fight. Eventually a invisible creature called Intangir will be encountered. Cast Doom on the Intangir and he will use his final meateo attack on a single character, taking about 900-1200 HP. After he is defeated, 10 esper points will be awarded. Which is a good way to learn spells for your characters.

Healing with Doom:
You must have the Relic Ring to do this trick. Have one of your party members equip the Relic Ring. When you cast the Doom on the person wearing the Relic Ring, it will heal your entire party to full health. This trick is especially useful when you are fighting a Boss and are running low on HP.

Random hat replacement:
Un-equip the hat of the character you like the most. Sell all other hats you have. Then, go to the hatless character's equipment screen and select "Optimum". Sometimes a random item (usually a Genji Glove) will be equipped as a hat, and boosts defense up to 255.

Getting another Genji Glove:
You can get another Genji Glove during your stay at Banon's Hideout. When Terra talks to Banon alone, he will ask you to be their hope, light, etc. Answer "No". Return outside and he will ask you again. Answer "No" again. You will do this three times, and Terra will come inside and ask how anybody could depend on her. Then a wounded soldier will come in. When you leave, instead of getting the gauntlet, you will receive the Genji Glove.

Unlimited Genji Gloves:
Place Locke in the party and go to the floating continent in the World Of Balance. Note: The floating continent can only be reached in the World Of Balance after taking Terra to the sealed cave, and before the world changes. Steal from the dragon monster that appears. Most of time, only a potion will be obtained, but eventually a Genji Glove will be taken. Repeat this process to collect as many Genji Gloves as needed.

Unlimited Muscle Belts:
Muscle Belts will double your maximum HP. Go to ZoZo mountain and the giant green monster that is similar to the monster was first fought when you arrived in ZoZo. It resembles an overgrown humans. Have Locke in your party with the Thief Glove relic equipped and can steal a Muscle Belt from it. Note: This takes some time, as most of the time you will only steal potions.

Unlimited Exp. Eggs:
Go to the small island in the World Of Ruin above the town where you get Strago and Relm. Use the Ragnarock Esper on a monster called Harpy to turn it into an exp. Egg.

Unlimited Magicite:
Go to the Coliseum, then bet a Phoenix Down. You will have to fight a Cactuar. Make sure you equip yourself with Atma Weapon and you will defeat it easily. Everytime you win, you get a Magicite. Repeat the process to get as many as needed.

Moogle Charm:
To get the Moogle Charm, you must be in the Second World. Go to Narshe and enter deep into the caves where the Moogles used to live at the start of the game. There will only be one remaining. Talk to him and he will join your party. Press A where he was previously standing to get the Moogle Charm. The Moogle Charm will prevent random battles.

Alternate Chainsaw:
If you discarded or sold your Chainsaw, you can get another one. Go to Kefka's Tower in the World Of Ruin and fight a Dueller (can be found in room with glass tubes). Keep stealing from it, and you may get a Chainsaw.

Alternate Air Anchor:
To get a second Air Anchor, you can initiate a system of trades in the Dragon's Neck Coliseum as follows. Tabby Suit for a Chocobo Suit. Chocobo Suit for a Moogle Suit. Moogle Suit for a Nutkin Suit. Nutkin Suit for a Air Anchor.

Unlimited Tintinabars:
You must be in the World Of Ruin have the Ragnarock Esper. Go to ZoZo mountain and use Ragnarock Esper on a monster called Spec-tor to get a Tintabar.

Get another Tintinabar:
Another Tintinabar can be obtained in the world of Balance. Once getting the Airship and at least 3000 GP to spare, fly to Mobliz and read the letter from Lola to the soldier. Then, send one for him to Maranda. Fly there and talk to Lola. Fly back to Mobliz, stay at the inn, and another letter should arrive. Continue to do this, eventually send a letter, a record, some tonic, another letter, and a Book. After sending the book, sleep in the inn one more time, then talk to the soldier. He will thank you for sending all the items in his name and give your character another Tintinabar.

Getting Edgar's Bio Blaster and Noise Blaster in Figaro Castle cheaply:
After talking to Edgar with Locke in the beginning, go to the room with the Chancellor. Then go to the right (on the wall), then go south until the wall moves over more to the right. Move over more to the right (when the wall expands) and go north through a door. Talk to a man at that location to buy cheap Bio and Noise Blasters. The same thing can be done on the left side to find cheap items.

Getting Edgar's Drill and Flash:
When you get Edgar in the world of ruins, go to Figaro Castle. Keep moving north until reaching the room with the Chancellor. When first entering the room, go three steps north, then all the way to the right. Go north again to arrive at a door. Enter and talk to the man. After a a short conversation, Edgar's drill, flash, and one other tool can be bought.

Sabin's easy blitzes:

Aurabolt: Press Down(2), Forward.
Dance: Press Forward(2), Down(2), Back.
Bum Rush: Press Forward(2), Up(2), Back(2), Down(2), Forward.
It is rather difficult to individually press the buttons for attacks such as the Bum Rush. Instead of pressing them individually, press Down at the starting point and just move your finger for the move combo without lifting it. This allows you to get diagonal directions for the moves without making a mistake.

Getting Shadow in the World of Ruin:
When escaping the floating continent in the World of Balance, you have to go to the east side of the island. You will see the airship and will be prompted to "Jump" or "Wait". Select "Wait", then select "Wait for Shadow" a second time with five seconds left. Shadow will appear and you will automatically leave the island. You can also find him in the World of Ruin in the Cave in the Veldt. You them have to go to the Coliseum and bet the Striker to get him to join your party permanently.

If you get Shadow back in the World Of Ruin, put him into your party and go to an inn. Eventually, Shadow will have a dream about his past. There are four different dreams, explaining how he became an assassin.

After you get the second airship, fly to the middle of the Veldt to the Cave on the Veldt (first go to the area of trees where Dunkin will teach you Bum Rush). When you go in, have Edgar, Gau, Leo, and Sabin with you. Make sure you save the game -- you will have to fight two Super Behomoths in order to save Shadow. Once you are in Relms town, leave and go to the Coliseum. Bet for the Slicer (you should have it after saving Shadow) and you will fight Shadow. He will join your team after you defeat him.

Keeping Shadow longer:
Shadow will normally run away from your party immediately before you face Dadaluma in Zozo (World Of Balance) . You can stop him from leaving by killing him (with your characters or monsters) just before you jump to Dadaluma's building. Do not revive him until during your fight with Dadaluma. He will stay for the fight and entire Terra scene, then leave you when the team decides to head to Vector.

Getting the Paladin Shield:
Get the Cursed Shield from the man in the relic shop in Narshe. Equip the Cursed Shield and a Ribbon on Locke (so the effects of the Cursed Shield are negated). Fight 255 battles with Locke in your party. After the 255th battle, a message stating the Cursed Shield has transformed will appear. The Curse Shield is now the Paladin Shield and will boost all of your normal and magic defenses. Note: When trying to get the shield, fight the enemies on the island where you first started in the World of Ruin.

Getting the Rename card:
Go to the island on Upeerof Veld's Island. Go to the forest and fight with the Brontosaur and get the Cat Hood. Go to the coliseum. Bet the Cat Hood and win ???????????? (as appears in the game). Bet the Relic and fight against Hoover to win the Rename Card.

Getting the Marvel Shoes:
There is an extremely helpful relic called the Marvel Shoes. To obtain them, bet an Elixir at the Coliseum. If you win that battle, you will get a Rename Card. Bet the Rename Card and win the fight to obtain the Marvel Shoes. The Marvel Shoes cast Safe, Haste, Shell, Float, and Regen on your character at the start of a battle.

Getting the Economizer:
Either wait for a Brachosaur to drop one or bet the Gem box at the Coliseum. The Economizer cuts every spell used to only consume 1 MP.

Get a Thunder Rod early in the game:
When you go through the caves with Terra the first time (after losing your Magi-Tek Armor while communicating with the Esper), there will be a chest with a Fenix Down in it. Instead of taking it, leave and continue. Later, when Locke and Celes are fleeing through those same tunnels, go to the chest that was skipped to receive a Thunder Rod instead of the Fenix Down. Use it as an item to cast Bolt 2.

Getting Celes:
Go to the house besides the Bird Shop, then go upstairs to the room with the draft. Go behind the bookshelf and keep moving left. You will see stairs that go down. Walk down to find three bookshelves. Go to the right until you reach a wall. Answer "Yes" to the question, then go down and press A when you get to the first door. You will then see Celes.

Getting Raiden:
After getting the Odin Esper in the underground castle (Take the Figaro Castle Trip after getting the second airship stop and explore. Go upstairs and down the other set. Enter the open prison cell and go through the cave.), go to the right throne. Walk down five steps and press A. Go into the room to the right and go down the stairs. Kill the dragon that is found there with the Vanish, Doom technique. Go up to the statue of Celes and press A. The message "Odin has gained a level revived Raiden" will appear. Raiden teaches Quick, which has the same effect as the Gem Box (lets you to cast two magic spells a turn).

Ghost on Doom Train:
On the Doom Train, go to the right at the beginning where you get on. There will be a ghost floating around. Talk to him. Sabin will say "Looks like he wants to come with us", and the options "Sure" and "No Way" will appear. Choose "Sure" and you will get ???? in your party, He can use Posses. It kills him, but the enemy also dies. You can then return to where you first found him and get him again.

Defeating Kefka easily:
When facing Kefka, throw the Ragnarok sword (or perhaps the Illumina sword or Atma weapon). A "too much to count" message will appear at the bottom of the screen and Kefka will automatically die.

Another Atma Weapon:
It is possible to get another Atma Weapon during the final set of battles. When battling the warrior with a woman's head above and behind him (just before god Kefka), steal from the woman's head. You should now be able to equip another Atma Weapon to a character.

Boss battle strategy:
When fighting any tough Bosses or dragons, cast "Vanish" followed by "Doom" while still invisible. If done correctly, the Boss will automatically die. Note: Some Bosses will counterattack before dying.

An easy way to kill most bosses, including all the dragons, is done with this simple trick. First you have to cast Vanish on your enemy, then cast Doom or X-Zone. If you do not have Doom or X-Zone, use Mog's Dusk Requiem Dance until he uses Snare.

When fighting enemies that you cannot Vanish and Doom on, just use Reflect followed by Vanish on yourself. The Vanish will protect you from power attacks and Reflect will protect you from magic attacks. Note: You must use Reflect first -- Vanish will not get reflected.

Defeating Doomgaze:
Some a character a Gembox, use X-Magic, Fire 3 twice, then use Bumrush. Cure if needed, otherwise use Fire 3. Repeat this every time you see him (9999 a hit). He can be defeated after five to ten turns.

Finding Gogo:
To find Gogo, go to Triangle Island in the northeast of the map. Keep fighting until reaching the Zone Eater. Allow him to suck the party in to enter a cave. Go through the cave to find Gogo.

Give Gogo any commands:
Go to Gogo's status screen. Look at his commands. You will see Mimic and three empty slots below it. Choose one of the empty slots and a list of all of the commands from the other characters you have will appear. Choose the one you want, then do the same with the other two slots. For example, you can have Mimic, Blitz, Tools, and Swordtech all at the same time, if desired.

Finding Umaro:
To find Umaro, go to where Mog was saved. The frozen Esper will be at that location. Win the battle and a hole will open. Jump down the hole and work through the cave. After reaching the end, a Skull Statue will be found. Examine it and take the Terrato Magicite. Umaro will appear and begin a battle. Defeat him and he will join the party.

High number of EXP and MP per battle:
Go to the desert south of Maranda in the World of Ruin and fight Cactrots and Hovers on the west "island". Cactrot is not worth any EXP, but gives 20 MP and 10,000 GP. Hoover is worth up to 7000 EXP, 5 MP and 10,000 GP. Note: You can kill Hovers easily without its Sand Storm attack by casting Doom unit it dies.

Easy levels:
Note: This trick requires a controller with a turbo feature. After boarding the raft at the Returners hideout, surf along until reaching the first save point. Go into the "Config" screen from the menu and select "Memory". Set Edgar to "AutoCrossbow", Banon to "Health", and the other two to "Attack". Enable the turbo feature and keep it on for a few hours. In a few hours you should be at level 30-35. It takes awhile to get to level 99, but it is the easiest way at that point in the game.

Early experience:
Fight all the battles you can at the start of the game to gain experience for the tougher battles that happen later. You can save, then use a tent. If you die and the game ends, you will start out with the same experience you had previously, plus you can also use the tent again. Do not try to set any records by trying to die the least amount of times. It will only make things harder though the game.

Quick MP:
After getting the airship, go to Triangle Island and battle a creature called Intangir. Have Gau in your party and make sure he has learned Rhodox in the Veldt. Fight Intangir and use Gau's Rage. Use Rhodox, he will use Snare, and Intangir will not attack. If you have Mog he can do the same thing if he has learned Dusk Requiem.

After the Espers hit Vector and the Airship regroup, go back to the Esper Cave and gain your level to 99. It will help you learn your magic skills faster.

Press A in front of a clock. About 90% of the time, you will find an Elixir.

After talking to enough soldiers in Vector, go to Imperial Base and enter the house. In the basement, go to the very bottom right. There will be another chest with an Elixir at this location.

Desperation attack:
To use a desperation attack, make sure your character is kneeling or almost dead as well has having a status change. Chose to attack on your next turn and the character should use their desperation attack.

Two Shadows on the Floating Continent:
As soon as you arrive to the Floating Continent, ignore Shadow and continue to move ahead find the statues. Fight and defeat Atma Weapon. Make your way back to the beginning where Shadow should still lying down. Do not touch the save point at the beginning of the island, because Shadow will disappear. Talk to Shadow and he will join you. Return back to the statues. After Kefka kills the Emperor and hits Celes, another Shadow will appear and traps Kefka in the statues while your party, including the first Shadow, will still be there wounded. Note: This trick works best when Shadow is the leader of the party.

Double experience with the Experience Egg:
Trade a Tintabar at the Coliseum. If you do not have one then you will have to go through the cycle to obtain one. (Bet an Elixir to get a Rename Card. Bet the Rename Card to get the Marvel Shoes. Then bet the Marvel Shoes and you should get a Tintabar. If you do not get the Tintabar after the Marvel Shoes then just keep betting the item you get until you get the Tintabar) After trading the Tintabar, you will get the Experience Egg. The Experience Egg will double the experience the wearer earns and allows for quick level ups.

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