Blinchaty pirog

Yield: 6 Servings



In a wok or large skillet saute in 1 tb oil onion and garlic til onion is clear. Remove and set aside. Brown ground beef and add 3 tsp tomato paste. When browned return onion and garlic to wok add mushrooms red wine cooked rice green onion and dill. Add arrowroot dissolved in water to thicken. Squeeze in some lemon juice and sprinkle with cayenne. Place in warm oven until needed and just before using add cottage cheese. CREPES: Blend all ingredients except oil and let stand 30 minutes before using. Pour oil into crepe pan swoosh around and pour remainder into batter. Make 1 large pancake covering one side with branches of fresh dill or sprinkle with dried dill. Turn and cook and remove. Make other large pancakes until batter is gone. SAUCE: Combine ingredients and serve over combined dish. TO SERVE: Place crepe on platter and layer meat and mushroom mixture over pancake. Place another pancake on top then meat then pancake etc. until finished. Top with dilled pancake and serve with sauce on the side. Source: Graham Kerr 8/93 Typed by .\ichele

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