CompuServe Information Service

(CIS) One of the services run by CompuServe Corporation. CIS provides a wide variety of information and services, including bulletin boards, on-line conferencing, business news, sports and weather, financial transactions, electronic mail, travel and entertainment data as well as on-line editions of computer publications.

CompuServe Information Service should not be confused with CompuServe Corporation's other sectors which offer many other services besides the consumer information service.

CIS is a large international conferencing system (albeit with a heavy US bias).

It provides an access to the Usenet news (GO INTERNET).

More comprehensive Internet access is planned for the end of 1994.

Forum UKCOMP topic Acorn/Z88 is the place to find Acorn users.

Compuserve's main competitors are AOL and Prodigy.

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Telephone: +44 (181) 801 2001 (London), +44 (121) 632 4858 (Birmingham), +44 (1734) 391 064 or 569 025 (Reading), +44 (1272) 255 111 (Bristol).

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