Salt rising bread (tk)

Yield: 2 Loaves MMMMM


  • 1 c Hot water

  • 1/2 ts Salt

  • 1/2 tb White cornmeal (heaping)

  • 5 tb Sifted flour (heaping) MMMMM---MATERIALS FOR THE BREAD---

  • 5 c Flour

  • 1/2 tb Lard (heaping)

  • 1/4 ts Salt

  • 1 c Milk


warm For the Yeast: Cool water sufficiently to bear your finger in it then add salt corn meal and lastly flour. Beat until smooth then sprinkle flour over the top of the mixture. Cover and let stand for 5 hours in a warm place. By that time the clear water should have risen to top of the mixture. Drain off the water and beat the mixture thoroughly. Set aside for another hour at the end of such time the mixture should be light and frothy. It is now ready to use. For the Bread: Sift flour in mixing bowl add salt and with your fingers mix in the lard. Make a well in the center of the flour pour in the yeast preparation and then the milk. Stir with spoon until stiff. Turn out on board and knead until smooth. Place in buttered baking pans and let rise until full. Bake 45 minutes.

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