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Telnet logger/server for host LL-67

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Network Working Group                                          J. Winett
Request for Comments: 466                                          LL-67
NIC: 14740                                              27 February 1973
Category: TELNET

                  TELNET LOGGER/SERVER For Host LL-67

   The attached writeup documents the TELNET LOGGER/SERVER for the
   CP/CMS system on the Lincoln Laboratory 360>67 (host 10).  The
   facility serves both half duplex and full duplex TELNET users with
   data in either ASCII or EBCDIC codes.

   Use of the hide-your-input and noecho TELNET controls are used for
   the EBCDIC print suppress (bypass) and print restore features during
   the login procedure.  To support half duplex terminals, the TELNET
   control break (reverse break) is sent as an input prompt when input
   is desired.  This code can also be used to indicate that a previous
   line sent without an end of line sequence (CR-LF) should be printed.

   This material has not been reviewed for public release and is
   intended only for use with the ARPA network.  It should not be quoted
   or cited in any publication not related to the ARPA network.


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