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Harvard's network RJE

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Network Working Group                                         B. Reussow
Request for Comments: 499    Center for Research in Computing Technology
NIC: 15716                                            Harvard University
                                                            April 1 1973

                         HARVARD'S NETWORK RJE

Section I

   RJE was designed to provide network users with the facility of
   submitting jobs to remote servers via the ARPA net and retrieving
   results using Harvard's PDP-10.

   In order to be an expert in the use of the RJE program from a remote
   host, the user must be familiar with the FTP commands and usage.  At
   present RJE is only implemented for UCLA.  Accordingly, all examples
   will deal with the UCLA installation.  Arrangements for a password
   and a job ID must be made at UCLA before usage is to begin.  If you
   are interested, we will see to it that an account is made up for you.
   People at other sites should deal directly with UCLA to get an

Section II

                         HOW TO USE RJE AT HARVARD

   Start the program by taping R RJE at monitor level.  RJE will
   respond with a "!".

   Then type "RJE UCL to make the TELNET connection.  The TELNET
   connection is used for transfer of commands to UCLA and error
   messages from UCLA to the user of RJE.  It is important to realize
   that, in using RJE, one is talking to two systems; the local system
   (HARV-10) and the remote host where the job will actually be run.
   Therefore, there are two command processors, one local and one


   All commands to the local process begin with a *.


   Reads the specified file, which contains all job cards, JCL, program
   and data, formats it for RJS at UCLA and ships it over a data
   connection.  When using the data connection, ASCII files are
   translated into EBCDIC, the UCLA end of the connection.  After
   transfer is completed the file is immediately spooled for processing.

B. Reussow

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